U6-U11 Training Dates

  • U9-U11 Boys  – Monday, August 22nd at Menlo Park from 5:30pm-6:30pm
  • U9-U11 Girls – Tues, August 23rd at Menlo Park from 5:30pm-6:30pm
  • U6-U8 Boys & Girls – Wednesday, September 7th at Menlo Park from 6pm-7pm


U12-U16 Training sessions

Training begins today July 6th for U12-U16 at Menlo Park at 6pm.  Pay us a visit to observe the training sessions.  Teach, Learn, Develop!

  • U6-U8 – Recreational – No travel, in-house play, train twice a week, 15-20 games in season. 60min sessions. August – February
  • U9-U12 – Developmental – U9/10, local tournaments only.  U11/U12 local as well out of city & state (for more advanced groups). Train 2-3 times a week. Approx 20-30 games. 60-90 min sessions. July-April
  • U13 & up – Competitive – Region IV Competition, train 3 days a week. Approx 40-45 games in season.  90-120min sessions. July – April/May
Player Centered Curriculum- its important each player is placed in the correct environment to develop.  At the early Developmental stages, we focus on the Technical part of player development.
Each training session is based off the 4 Components of Soccer– Technical, Tactical, Physical & Mental.  As kids progress through the stages, the focus also changes with their development.  U15/U16 Competitive stage, primary focus is Tactical followed by the additional 3 components.
Positions, it’s important not to “type cast” as such an early stage but to develop & understand all roles including goalkeeping which is such an emotional positions for players.
 To understand, learn & respect the demands of all positions is important for players to experience.
  • Defense – Deny, Destroy, Develop
  • Midfield – Build, Connect, Support
  • Forwards – Move, Receive, Finish

It’s not too late to join!

Contact -info@tucsonaztecsclub.com or call 520-235-6438 (Rene) for more information.

Elite Open Rosters

Elite Teams with a few spots open.  

  • 01G-05G Competitive
  • 03B- 05B Competitive
  • 02B Elite Boys Goalkeeper

Contact Rene at info@tucsonaztecsclub.com or call 520-235-6438 for any questions.

Aztecs Program

  • Goalkeeper Training Every Monday from 6:30pm – 7:30pm during season
  • Recorded Games & Classroom Sessions available
  • Region IV Competitive Tournaments
  • State League Play

Coaching Opportunities

Looking for Licensed Trainers/Coaches.

Contact: info@tucsonaztecsclub.com for more information.

Coaching Education classes offered

  • Field & Classroom Sessions
  • USSF & Youth Module training
  • Summer Training