Aztecs Elite Program

Tucson Aztecs Elite Program
  • Building the player philosophy
  • Training session based on principles below
  • Region IV Tournaments¬†¬†
  • CE Training field hrs required
  • Staff – USSF License required
  • Teams developing to CAZSL State Program
Technical Qualities
  • Quality of the first touch
  • Ability to strike a ball cleanly
  • Ability to dribble to penetrate & to maintain possession
  • Ability to head the ball in attack & defense
  • Ability to finish with their first touch
Tactical Qualities
  • Understanding of transition play on both sides of the ball
    • Transitioning from Defense to Offense
    • Transitioning to Offense to Defense
    • What happens the moment the team has lost the ball?
    • What happens the moment the team has won the ball?
    • What happens during those moments when neither team is in possession of the ball?
  • Speed of Play/Speed of possession
    • Effective short passing
    • Understanding of transitional play
    • Knowing when to pass instead of dribble
    • Understanding of when to apply pressure on the opponent when defending
    • Individual composure on the ball
    • Understanding of depth & width in attack
    • Understanding compactness as a team when defending
    • Effectively assisting team in controlling pace of the game
  • Ability to read the game
    • Understanding of when to hold the ball
    • Know when to combine with teammates
    • Know when to change position on the field either with the ball or in support of attack
    • Know when to go for a quick counter attack versus the slow build up
    • Understand the importance of knowing what type of pass & at what pace the pass is needed
    • Know when to change the point of attack
    • Have an awareness of their role & responsibility to the team
  • Heightened awareness of the importance that restart situations have in determining the outcome of the match
    • How to stop short corner kicks attempted by their opponents
    • Knowing how to hold defensive line on a free kick situation
    • How to be disciplined enough to carry out their responsibilities; comm with keeper, wall set up etc..
    • How to be aware of where & how they should clear balls when defending
  • Player Endurance or Work Rate
    • Control of their own fitness level
  • Agility
    • Change direction with or without the ball
    • Quickly move forward to close down an opponent
    • Move sideways across field, or back wards during transitional moments during the run of play
    • React after either losing their footing or getting knocked to the ground to be able to react quickly & get back into the game
  • Starting Speed
    • Explosive moments in game & analyze performance
  • Essential Training Habits
    • Hydration
    • Nutrition
    • Proper warm up
    • Knowledge of injury prevention (before, during & after)
Psychological Qualities
  • Attitude
    • Desire to improve ones performance
    • Turn weakness in their game to a strength
    • Does the player enjoy the sport of soccer, both as a participant & spectator
    • Sacrifice self, both offensively & defensively
    • Exhibit proper attitude sportsmanship regardless of outcome, during training, criticism & praise from coaches
“It takes a club to raise a soccer player”